The three categories what makes up good art is accuracy,depth and significance. The video I liked watching was “why Art Matters” because it explains how art is amazing and how it expresses  everything. The video “Why Art Matters’ ‘ relates to the categories because how art is being visualized and critiqued. For instance when art is being visualized people have different prescriptions on how they see a painting or drawing but it is significant in its own way and people realize how art can make you feel good by just observing and thinking. In addition the way people critiques painting or drawing is how it looks if it has a lot of details and is it realistic enough where people will me amazed.The technique the presenters use significance because the painter is really amazing on how they think when they are painting or drawing and imagine how the objects are being visualized with minds. It relates to the reading because the paintings have a history ans culture that people are amazed to see. 

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  1. Paul Fess

    Jonathan, your post raises good points, but I would like to see you go into a bit more detail about them. Specifically, I would like to know more about how these standards support the main argument the presenters try to make.

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