John Berger means when he says the process of seeing its not natural is when you see painting and you just focus on one particular object or thing that strikes you but you don’t see the whole picture itself. The camera really helped us see the habits and convection the way we look at things because it help to see deeper what earth loos like. It is significant when we think about art work for viewers because it maybe hope or  escape and thinking bigger out of the box and making the happy.

The camera has changed our perception because it showing how the camera is seeing it and grabbing the details of how the earth is being used in it’s image. The camera changed our engagement with works of art because the it changed original paintings and how it being visualized. John Berger means when the painting is silence and still is that the drawings are popping up in its own image that people are amazed how the person of the painting was very still and precise on how they were able to draw this without any errors. the difference why seeing a artwork in the museum is different from seeing it in a screen or book because you don’t capture the real mood when you are actually seeing the painting in your eyes and you can look at the painting in greater details.

John Berger means when paintings become a form of information it is showing that the paintings is showing a significant i people that they want to copy the paintings the visually seen that intrigued  them. John Berger means when he says talking with reproductions is that he wants art to be visually used everywhere and how people will think or feel when they see it.

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