“Why Art Matters”by DR. Steven Zucker and DR. Beth Harris talks about how art matters to people. I believe art matters because it has a significant about how artist visualize a object or something and expressing it on an painting or drawing. The good think about art is people have different interpretation which makes it interesting becauseĀ  people never think in a painting how other people do so its fun to ask questions or ideas about seeing a painting. in addition art can be express everywhere in an building where there is graffiti and tourist and different people can enjoy looking at art forms.

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  1. ambika lama

    As the video says we live in the visual world,we get to see and learn things differently through art.
    we can see art basically everyday everywhere in a form of sculpture,graffiti, paintings ,photo graphs dance which definity can teach ,motivate ,sooth and provoke.We can see ones feeling through art .Art can be use as major game changer that remains in our sterotype society.

  2. Paul Fess

    Jonathan, you make good points here, but I’m wondering if you could develop them a bit more. For instance, could you say more about ho graffiti fits into your understanding of art?

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