Discussion Question #5

Episode 1

  1.  The point Krukowski’s is making in ways of hearing  is that how we experience time in the real world and experience digital time. The differences is that when you experience the real world there was no technology or computers you had to hear your information on the radio but the digital time is people still do listen but not as much as the the modern  era is visualized. These differences is significant because it helps you understand how people is understanding how to hear by information ,music,sports,and even space and how their relating to one another perspective on how people notice.
  2. what Damon Krukowski’s means by listening as to do  with how we navigate space because how sound is being projected in the radio and the television the way the sounds travels with its beat. 

Episode 2

  1. what Jeremiah Moss means by thew way the Astor place is that to him they are taking advantage by people because how sounds ids being use in company. what Jeremiah moss  say about public and private space  is that public space is for the people can protesters can use their platform in those areas. private space is that people are not allowed in business property. This is important because it keeps the all of the business safe and the way way we can have a better understanding of space.
  2. The significance of Emily Thompson idea of the development of concert is that it brings people together in a positive way and how you have fun will learning all of it. It relates to the ear buds and headphones because with ear bud you can hear music but  with headphones you can talk to people.
  3. My onion in ways of hearing episode 1&2 about sound and space is that they have some similarities like they way they sound the tone of the beat. the sound that Influence from space is interesting because you hear the countdown when the rocket ship is going up into space and you hear the fire of the bottom of the rocket.