Discussion Questions #7

Episode 5

  1.  what Krukowski means in the beginning of the episode where he says “the marginal-the rejected-the repressed-is whatever the powerful have decided is of no use at the moment”   it means that power is being consoled how people want to hear digital information and sound but they are thinking of making sure that the digital still stays with us. The other point that he explains art is not being used the right way  and it is getting forgotten in the power of people.  what krukowski means by the questions is that he wants to find why power its not being used in a proper way of hearing. 
  2. there different because the way the are being used as a good way for digital followers can listen to and that can be something positive.
  3. The distinction between being surprised by music and discovering music that krukowski explains is that being surprised is unexpected in other words didn’t know what they were going to hear and discovering music is when people are interested in a particular sound or music which integers someone to like it.

Episode 6

  1.  according to krukowski noise is the way you hear a sound and how it is being heard. A signal is the way the sound is being heard if its in many different ways that people grab information. These are important because it helps everyone know where the information is being used.
  2. The central idea of noise is that it is being in the digital world can be easy to hear.
  3. this episode relates to other episodes is because the way people is forgetting the whole concept of the way we hear things it can be a radio,news ,sports,or even space but those things help us think on how listening can be very important.