Blog post#3

  1.  the purpose of the essay is to educate because when you so a essay the first time you do it its not going to be perfect so its important to have a first draft so you can improve on your writing and fix mistakes to make your essay better.The person that might be interested is the reader because the reader evaluates the essay on how the essay is being fully explained on what the assignment was about and how they used the assignment in their own perspective. the person who would be impacted is the writer because the writer has to do its job explaining and convincing people not by hearing but seeing what they put in their writing stands out to people. The reader knows the topic because how the writer is introducing its writing and that how you get a clear idea what the writing is about. The reader needs to know to understand the key point of the essay is how the writer is explain the reason of their essay. The hook that would engage and interest to the reader is a question because it will allow the reader in its head to say let me read more.