John Berger’s ways of seeing episode 2/discussion question #3

Discussion 1 :

According to Berger , there is distinction  between nakedness  and the  nude female form as it traditionally represented in western art.He pointed out then that in nude book of Clark, He  defines nakedness  as :  a person “women or men  ” who’s standing  without clothes on her/him  and nudity is a form of art .But for Berger , To be naked , is to be yourself and to be nude is to be seeing naked by others and not recognise for ourself. He then adds saying a nude need has to be seeing as an  object in order to be a nude. And that’s fact while looking at yourself naked does disturb as when others are looking at you naked .When you really display your nakedness, that gives people opportunity to judge , critic , or some even enjoying it when they are looking at .Yes it does apply on images that I have encountered in my experience . when I’m looking at myself I don’t have problem with that but when I am looking to some graphic of people I have that sensation  that I want to be like them . maybe they big muscle than I have .

Discussion 2:

According to Berger , western works of art have depicted and defined in different roles for men and women because men looked at women and women watch  themselves to be looked at .for example when a couple want to go out of dinner , the man takes a shot time to be prepared while the  woman has a lot to do and takes long to get it done .Women really care of how people will look at them once they are out in public .And even before they go out they predict of how they should look .Yes these depictions influence the ways we think of the differences between men’s and women’s roles in society today . I even wander if that is not the root of the inequality of gender ?

Discusion 3:

Berger describes the significance of the mirror in painting depicting women as men hypocrisy while they drawing a naked woman , enjoying looking at her and  been blamed  by viewers Everybody look at her naked  , and make their judgments on her .The ways beauty is defined in these painting is to be naked and being admired by the viewers . Female are as a site that people come to visit and being available to the spectator.He said displaying women nakedness they look like the expressing the body language  which seems like when you look at her  it is like she looked at you back and knows she doesn’t know you . The kind of more contemporary examples he relate this to for me is how women dress on stage when they want perform .and the connection is They really know that they displaying their body and want people to look at it .


2 thoughts on “John Berger’s ways of seeing episode 2/discussion question #3

  1. ambika lama

    Q2. You’ve raise a question ‘i even wander if that is not the root of the inequality of gender ?
    Art and life affect one another. I think The presentation of women in art might have affect the way women behaves and are treated in society.

    1. Yara Gouda

      I really agree with you in question 2. A man’s presence is dependent upon the promise of power which he embodies. If the promise is large and credible his presence is striking. If it is small or incredible, he is found to have little presence. The promised power may be moral, physical, temperamental, economic and social. By contrast, a woman’s presence expresses her own attitude to herself, and defines what can and cannot be done to her. Her presence is manifest in her gestures, voice, opinions, expressions, clothes, chosen surroundings, taste – indeed there is nothing she can do which does not contribute to her presence.

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