John Berger’s ways of seeing episode 1

Discusion 1 :

Berger said  that seeing is not natural and it is shaped by habits and conventions because what we see is not just the object or image itself  but our view or mindset of image or object we are looking at .our view or mindset is influenced by environment, society in which we lived , age ,gender, mentality and the way everybody  is supposed to view and perceive things .That mean people will view and have different  opinion or interpretation of a same piece  of Art differently .

Discusion 2 :

According to Berger , the Camera has changed our senses of perception because not only it transferred any artwork to be seeing everywhere in the world at the same time but it could  also permit people to see what  they wouldn’t have chance to see and they could interpret it in different ways at the same time.Regarding artwork the camera could reproduce images in any size ,anywhere and for any purpose.When Berger said ,” describes  the experience of being in the presence of an authentic artwork-at a museum, for instance-in term of “silence” of “stillness ” , he meant that artwork  experience goes beyond what people art teaching about it .He even saw the similarity of viewing art as the measurement of the time which is complex . Seeing artwork  in museum is different differ from seeing it on screen pr in book because we can do whatever we want when seeing it on screen or in book such as move it , play with it .  And he said the latter two medium is never still .

Discusion 3:

Saying reproduction of  painting can become a form of information because the image can be used to convey, persuade a certain ideas to the viewer or narrate an information .He said paintings are no longer stable it comes to us . we saw paintings in the contest of our own life as mention Berger .Paintings  surrendered  with different sounds ,objects , colours in our places .

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