Ways of hearing Discussion Question #5

Episode 1 :

D1 : According to Krukowski the time  in “real” World is difficult to back up because once it is happened that is it So he compared it with how the record on tape saying there is no undo and if you had time and money  , you could  try again but we could not back  what is done is done weather it is better or worse . With  digital time everything is previsional , we reshape , rebuild , redone .

D2 :By saying listening has a lot to do with how we navigate space , Krukowski want to let us know  how we are rely on sounds that we hear and has that memory from  where we heard them .

Episode 2

D3 : Saying developers in Astor Place are “privatising  public space in a very stealth way”, Jeremiah Moss means place are cautionary preserved because it is heritage that we have that . The city is moving so fast and it  seems out of control because of wealths willing to take over of all. It is like reducing people how they are going to use the space.

D4 : The development of concert halls arose from desire to “control interior space ” is a kind of controlling the sounds . It is a way of controlling the sound in the street . It is a key way of excluding the noise around people .According to Krukowski, earbuds and headphones will reduce the noise and at the same the wearer hear what h want to hear .

D5 : according to me , the keys ideas from this episode about the relationship between sound and space   are : isolation , control ,admiring .