Discussion questions #4

DQ 1 :

According to Berger ,” publicity” images Influence consumers because it proposes us, we, in consumer society  that bee change ourselves or our lives by buying something more , and the “more ” publicity persuades us . It also will make us in some way richer ,even though we will be poorer by having  spent our money. It persuades us of this transformation by showing us who have apparently been transformed and are, as a result , enviable .And the way publicity persuade, transformed into envy people is what constitutes glamour .That’s why Berger said  publicity is the process of manufacturing glamour.Glamour goes deeper than how things looks.For example , we bought things online or in store  by simply because we felt in love of how they look or they was displayed .but at the end that we got them we realise we don’t even don’t need them necessarily.

DQ 2 ;

As Berger compares oil painting to publicity (advertising) photography, he argues that oil painting “showed what the owner was already enjoying among his possessions and  way of life;” “it enhanced his view of himself as he already was”.Whereas publicity pictures, “appeal to a way of life that we aspire to or think we aspire to .” these differences are important because they have much in common . Sometimes ,publicity impersonates a painting. Examples of real people pose like figures in Manet’s Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe.Works of art are used to give prestige to a publicity scene .

DQ 3 :

The dream of faraway place , as described Berger , To lie down on a bed , to allow one’s thoughts to pass through the light of the window , to travel elsewhere , conjuring images. Distances without horizons . To be two worlds at the same time , just where Europe ends .The other world,  violent , infidel, full of Unknown passions. wearing your own clothes next to your own skin, you join the nomads .It is dawn . You are innocent ,you are pure , you are ready to travel again. Publicity works on the imagination but it does something else too . Because publicity pretends to interpret the world around us , and to explain everything in its own terms .It adds up to a kind of philosophical system. We felt in such  traps willing to try to live our dreams as reality Without weight the price that we have to pay for .