Discussion Questions #7

 Episode 5

  1. Art consists of majority of concepts. However, most of the concepts are ignore by most people. For example, most people don’t listen to an indie band. In relation to alternate approaches to art these repressed concepts might be a key to approaches alternate that they haven’t explore that much compared to more popular concepts.



  1. Forced Exposure, focuses on listening to different types of music. With that, he listens to them as an individual track as if it was made by someone else. It is important to catalogue each type of music they made and try to understand them regardless of their own preferences. With this, they will try to appreciate each person personal approach to are and what/how they use art and what different approach they take. This enables a broader music listening experience with a wider range of sounds and bands.



  1. Paul Lamere, develops a system where instead of trying to showcase all different types of music to a person. They figure out a wat to recommend people something they will like to listen to. Paul seems to try and enable a music listening experience that is “deeper” than Forced Exposure by focusing on music the listener already enjoys and finding more music like that without branching off to completely different sounds.



  1. Surprise is not the same as discover. Surprise implies finding something that we’re not comfortable with. While discover, helps us find something we want/like. To keep us engaged is a major goal for most corporations so, they approach by relies on familiarity (discovery) will keep us hooked and not accidentally scare us off. This is why for some it would be important to focus on helping a user discover something as opposed to surprising them.

Episode 6

  1. Signal is whatever sound you want to listen to. Noise is the sound around you that is blocking the signal. This is really important to understand because we switch to difference signal to point the original signal is become the noise.
  1. This relate to all of the episode that digital time and real time has a big effect with signal and noise. Digital time, is more signal due to the advancement of technology and Real time, is noise is the power of the feedback from your instrument and your amps. Digital technology helps us create our own space to block away noise with our headphones and increase our signal to our music. It compares the quality expression in our voices against the way cellphone isolate the signal of our words. Without noise around us we lose the fullness of its meaning. This also relate to the internet to the way it alternates the way that signal and noise by strip recorded sounds and removing that unwanted noise with all the artist and song producer. It also connects with the how the isolated signal is being manipulated by the online line cooperation or also it is being used to make us in to signal for to make business money.