Blog #3

  1. The purpose of this essay is to educate the writer in developing ideas to help you brainstorm your writing before you begin your first draft.
  2. This can help attract reader’s attention and introduces them to a general topic.
  3. The reader who starts off reading your essay can get hook with the topic and information that you are giving to the reader.
  4. What the reader will know form this topic is the set on how to set up prewriting, what are some ways it can help improve their writing for your draft.
  5. The reader needs to know to understand the essay is to determine how the message is for what type of content is the writer is trying to portray to their reader and if they agree or disagree with the topic
  6. The type of hook you need to engage the readers is a strong statement that makes an assertive claim about your topic and connects to your thesis statement and shows the reader the importance of your essay.
  7. The level of language that is required should be Standard American English.
  8. The appropriate type of tone you need to use in your topic is to be confident, sincere, use appropriate words, avoid jargon, avoid discriminatory language, and write in an active voice instead of a passive voice.


The opening paragraphs in article 3.2 tell the readers that before attempt to write your essay, there are certain steps you need to take such as rereading the draft of your essay to make sure it makes sense. You might have to rewrite it again, while most students believe that doing this is a waste of time, it can actually help you see if you need to add certain details or if you have any grammar errors, these steps can help ensure that your essay has improved.