Blog Post #4 Sonic Example

After listening to EP1, “Time in the ways of hearing” by Damon Krukowshi, talks about how we use digital technology to change the way we make music. How we are able to go back to remove and/or change the way the music is edited from its original. Krukowhi, explain how he would take sounds from music from other artists to create his own. I happen to hear this a lot to the music I listen to. They have use piece and bits of the original music and add new sounds to it. Now in days, the big-name DJ’s that play in festivals are known for this. For example, DJ Hero song Just Blow ( was published on April 12,2013 and on April 23, 2017, Tiësto create a track called BOOM ( ). On 2019, the F.H Crew used both of these to create a remix of both tracks to create one ( This for me a explain the Damon Krukowshi was talking about when I was listening to “Time in the way of hearing”