Discussion questions #5

Episode 1

  1. Krukowski explain that real-time is at the moment, when you experience it live it’s a one done deal. You can’t produce or experience it the same as the 1st Digital time is precision control of analog work, its machine time and it set up like a clock. So, it will play when it needs to be play.
  2. When we walk around our own neighborhood, we hear many different types of sounds that can convey to relation to the source of the sounds. With that, this would be considering a way to navigate space. However, now in says we really don’t do that since mostly people have their headphone on and they won’t be aware of their surroundings since they aren’t able to listen to it.


Episode 2

  1. Jeremiah Moss argued some people are looking at their screen who don’t want to be a part of the city, so this create some sort of bubble to separate them from what is happing around them. He also explains how in Astor Place, was a public plaza and little by little it’s become private because you can see security walking around. It wasn’t like this before; people would be able to protest and now they created a rule that they can’t do it anymore. This is very important because it show us how a public space area for people to express themselves turned to a private area. This is because they added restricted rules and security in Astor Place.
  2. Thompson talks about how the development of the concert hall had led to control the interior space. The idea was to contain music in a space where it doesn’t spread to the outside world, so the people who don’t want to hear the music don’t have to. She explained how in Radio City, people where angry not being able to see the show. However, once they hear the musical they really didn’t care since the music help the people create an image for themselves. Krukowski relates this connection with headphones/earbuds, dur to the connection the sound makes when you’re hearing the music. Since they disconnect us from the outside world.
  3. In my opinion, we disconnect ourselves with the world around us by using headphones/air buds to play our music. This helps us to separate us from the sound surrounding of the environment we are walking to. It is very interesting that we are able to privatize our self with the hearing the type of music that we like. In doing so, we are creating a bubble for our self in our own space/world.

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  1. ambika lama

    This is so true about the privatization of the public places.You tends to feel free when you are in public places but when some body guards are roaming around keeping an eye on you ,and with some restriction boards hanging in the wall of every corner ,it will be no public place.

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