Discussion #3

1. The naked painting of western art shows us that women were judged by their appearances. Jordan Bernier discusses that “nakedness is to be without disguise to be on display is to have the surface of one own skin the hair of one own body turn into a disguise which cannot be discarded”. He is informing us that nakedness does not care it will show you its natural form

2. According to Jordan Bernier, it shows us that western art depicts the difference between men and women and their values in one of the artworks called painting Susanna and the elders show us how the men are depicted on spying on the naked women and most of the picture shows us that the women are holding the mirror. This painting shows us the wants of men to see naked women and the woman in the painting sees herself in the mirror to see how men see her.

3.  John Berger shows us that men and women are shown in a different light in one of the artworks called judgment of Paris it shows us a group of naked women being judge by men and the pretty ones will get an apple. This art shows us in our modern-day life that beauty will always be competitive.