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John Berger’s essay “Ways of Seeing”, tells us the way we see a painting and how it can lose its artistic value and the ways it can become distorted to the people who see the artwork in different light and not in its original artist work. There are many types of artwork that have been distorted and lost its value from the original meaning. For example, the traditional Japanese paintings have meaning and usually given to the royal family of Japan. The differences of their artwork can mean different things. Like the following, Geisha painting has a deep entrenched in Japanese culture. It shows the beauty of Japanese women and also the meaning of the person in the art. Since real life Geisha does art shows. With that, the Yakuza gang use these Geisha tattoos to symbolize they are in a gang. With that being said, the community of Japan see this type of art on the body of people and they would assume that they are a part of the yakuza and bring trouble. They brought are fear to the people who see them with it because when they see it all they know is trouble might be coming their way and that idea is pictured in their mind every time they see it without knowing its Original art. That is why I believe this is an example of  losing value of its original art.

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