Discussion questions #6


  1. When you use a microphone, it sounds clear and you are able to speak to a big group of people. Also, you are talking to people face to face. When you use a cellphone, you are the person who you dial to. With that, only that person can hear your conversation. Also, cell service is not good and sometimes you can’t hear what the person said.


  1. In the interview they talked about the quality of singing and the tone of the voice. How it can influence the way people are listening to the music. However, due to the effect of digital transmission sometimes you have a good connection but a few min you will get cut off for a bit. With that, it can be hard to understand, or it can discount you from your r call.



  1. The distance with connecting with people around the world has improved with its technology. We can speak with people who are many miles apart around the world. This help us to connect our voice to each other.


  1. This is a difficult question to answer for many reasons, to pay for music or to make music for free brings me into a stand skill. When you first look at his course, you would believe that music should be free and who wouldn’t want free items. However, what about the person who created the music? They had to spend their free time and money to just produce it and that is not cheap. I personally believe that many musical artists would not create music for free. Like everybody usually say, “Time is money”. I’ve seen the prices for CDs, they usually go for $10 -$20, but there are some that goes over $50. I believe, there should be a medium with the prices for this music. If there are more people wouldn’t mind buying it and the artist can keep making music and make money out of it as well.


  1. The podcast informed us that music, community, and culture are all connected in many ways. It can affect and shape the way music is created. For example, in Japan they had Gagaku an old Japan’s musical traditions which included music and dance. This is one of many types of example of how people try to find inspiration make music. They will look at the culture of others and they will make music that can influence in that culture. Also, they can even change and shape into a different style of music by taken the culture of the music and change it into something else.


  1. I believe that charging money would impede the formation of the music communities around the world. This is because the time and money it takes into creating music takes a while. With this, it will help the music communities to keep creating more music since they will have money in their pockets and is able to feed there loves one. If not, they will quit to create music and find a job so they can be able to live.

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