Discussion Questions #4

1. The general concept of advertising is such that advertising produces glamour. Glamour, in turn, the happiness of being an object of envy. Thus, advertising is the opportunity for everyone to freely choose to change themselves or their lives by buying the advertised product. Nevertheless, advertising is an engine of economic progress that works for the consumer and the manufacturer, awakening the consumer’s desire to purchase the advertised product and at the same time satisfying the manufacturer. Further, the manufacturer is enriched by advertising and has a beneficial effect on the country’s economy, increasing the standard of living of the consumer and producer. Therefore, this cycle is very important for the development of the capitalist state.

2. According to Berger, advertising uses the same language as painting. However, advertising and painting have some differences among themselves. For example, advertising offers the buyer to improve their lives by buying the advertised product, while the painting does not advertise anything since it is in itself a private property. More significant differences are that oil painting belonged to those who profit from the market. However, advertising appeals to those who represent the market, i.e. viewer buyer. Oil painting as art has always been a sign of wealth and prestige while being a cultural authority in life and in advertising. Thus, painting is very useful for advertising as it demonstrates wealth and spirituality to the buyer, and stimulates the buyer to purchase a dream.

3. Everyone has different dreams. Someone dreams of an expensive car; someone wants to buy an evening dress. However, advertising does not realise these dreams, advertising only stimulates buyers to feel dissatisfaction with their existence and wish to acquire their dream in order to improve their lives. Berger mentions the dream of skin. Advertising speaks to the viewer about a future that may not come. Additionally, advertising depends on the visual language of an oil painting. Sexual poses in advertising only to attract attention and enhance the glamour of the image. Thus, images in a dream about skin show the viewer gestures, poses, and naked physical forms of men and women convey to the viewers the sensation that they can touch the image. Special sexual emphasis on the legs gives mystery to the image, allowing the buyers to imagine themselves in place of the model or near. Moreover, advertising allows the buyer to make a free choice of what to wear, what to ride, where to relax, and how to look.