Discussion question 4

  1. According to Berger, advertisement persuade consumers they can transform themselves by buying something more. These models represent glamour and “the state of being envied” to make people acquired their products. These publicity images are different from the reality of their product but they show people what they want to see in order to sell their products.
  2. Oil painting shows an image as it is, it shows the real feeling of the artist, real possessions and mood in which this painting was made. However, publicity photograph sells something way different than the reality. Publicity as its definition, wants to get the attention from consumes in order to sell. It provides visual attraction to get the consumers attention.
  3. The concept of “the dream” makes us envy other for their possessions and also their money. Publicity make it look as if money magically appears to make us consume their products and look “glamorous”. The more a person consume the more enviable will be, the more power will posses. The use of this advertisement images manipulates consumers. An image of a women selling a face cream with a radiant skin will make other women consume their product because they envy her flawless skin.