Discussion questions#4

Discussion question #4 


  1. It influences consumers because it presents a different reality, saying that if we acquire this product our life will be different, it also persuades dreams, or a way of life that we aspire to but still do not achieve.
  2. Because they show what oil painting is about, although it has some things in common the two project different realities. Which reveals the illusion that by consuming our lives it will be better, in addition it also treats problems such as the anxiety for money that allows you to achieve glamor and prestige. Even according to Berger, while a man has more possessions, his virality increases, this is one of the promises of advertising.
  3. For example, the dream of the skin many advertisementsuses the body of clean skins and dreams for sensitive consumers to buy clothes and lingerie that apparently will make her look more beautiful and happier. Also, the purchase of makeup or creams that give women an air of prestige and glamor.