Discussion #4

1.According to Berger, publicity proposes to each of us in a consumer society that we change ourselves or our lives by buying something more. Besides, publicity is a process of manufacturing glamour. But what is that kind of glamour? The glamour he mentions in this situation is constituted by the state of being envied. Publicity or advertising-images is a sort of effective way that the producers and companies promote or sell their products by stimulating our eyes. For costumers, publicity is a creative way to combine our illusion with realistic world.

2.The difference between oil painting and publicity is their final purpose. Oil painting is a media that the owners show their wealth and their real lives. The objects in those oil paintings are what they already have. The oil paintings picture their present lives. “Oil painting, before anything else, was a celebration of private property. As an art-form it derived from the principle that you are what you have.” Berger said. On the contrary, advertising-image we see on the street is to encourage us to buy something what we don’t have or what we desire. So the publicity is a kind of image or word to present our future life after we buy the products.

3.Berger says that publicity images always depict one of three dreams. First, the dream of later tonight. You are part of the good life they smile at and they are part of the good life you smile at. Everyone is surrounded by what brings pleasure, but it is you who will bring the greatest pleasure of all and next morning you will feel the same about it. Second, the skin dream. The surface you can touch without a biography. Third, the dream of a faraway place: Is to lie down on the bed alone, to allow one’s thoughts to pass through the light of the window and to travel elsewhere, conjuring images. When we buy a bottle of orange juice in the supermarket, we can see the image of a smiling farmer who lives in Brazil. He stands in front of the orange tree holding a freshly picked orange. Through this image we can imagine a beautiful orange plantation in the distance which produce the fresh juice and sell it to our market.