Blog Post #2

With the creation of the camera we are able to see things that we do not have in front of us. It gives us the possibility to see art work which could be miles away from us. But not everything is good about the usage of the camera. People are able to reproduce images and add or change things in a painting which is the case of the “meme”. American Gothic by Grant Wood was vandalize by whoever created this meme. As Berger described in the video, it is true that the real meaning is in the eye of the beholder. To me this painting looks as a support for farmers, maybe I am wrong. Also, thanks to the camera and the creation of this meme the painting became popular but what if Wood would not agree with what others have done to his work? Art is already losing it’s meaning by being reproduced by others. This people are creating a business using other people’s job. As I said before, art is a way to express our feeling and I consider that it is disrespectful to create a meme out of such a valuable painting which has been created to be admired and analyzed at a silent and still wall of a museum.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Interesting, but I’m wondering if you could say more. How are memes related to what Berger is talking about? How does this particular meme work? What does it mean?

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