Blog Post 2

In the first picture called The Scream, it shows us as a horrible feeling, so the painting back then wasn’t describing an emotion as accurately as a meme whenever we look at it, it is up to our interpretation. However, nowadays we do use a meme picture in a text message to show our emotions. for instance, the meme picture shows us this Phoebe from Friends yelling, so whenever this picture is used, the context of the conversation provides the meaning. Through memes, classical art can be redesigned as modern “art” for the people of today.

2 thoughts on “Blog Post 2

  1. Xiao Han

    “scream” is often used in many ways. it appears in many popular cultures and became a touchstone for popular culture. People have intuitive visual effects, and it’s easy to understand the implications. So it is now a matter of course that it is everywhere — mask, posters and everywhere — but it is hard to fully explain.

  2. Paul Fess

    Mahmoud, this is an interesting image, but I’m wondering if you could say more about how it works. What does Phoebe add to the original? How does this alter the meaning? Why put the two figures–the original and Phoebe–side by side?

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