Blog Post #2

Blogpost #2

In one of the ad campaigns of McDonald for their Big Mac, they placed a bacon over the shoulder of Mona Lisa (the most famous painting) to promote their Big Mac Bacon sandwich as a “classic but with a bacon” slogan. This image in itself didn’t portray any sort of conflict in the eyes of unsuspecting people but created a displeasure to the people with knowledge of original painting of Mona Lisa. We may agree or not, but our habits and conventions played a role in interpreting ambiguous view on this manipulated image too. Before the invention of camera, our perception is limited to the place and time the original painting is in front of our eyes. Our ways of seeing would be conditioned by its authenticity and uniqueness at that time and place. Berger described that images are a word that we can talk with it and connect it us to our experiences as we wish. This ad did exactly what it is supposed to do. Anybody who has seen this image now knows about the Big Mac Bacon sandwich of McDonald. The image is used in an ingenious way to appear attractive to the eyes of viewers. The meaning has changed from its original, but it served their purpose. Had they used a less renowned figure; the coverage would have been far less.

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  1. Jenell Cancel

    I’m sorry I couldn’t help but laugh at promotion tactic of the piece of bacon on her shoulder. I honestly agree with you when you say if they hadn’t used an iconic figure the hype to the burger would of been less great. The image it creates controversy within the art community because of the fact that the piece is well known and their some respect for one of the greats who created it. if something can be talked about and spread like wildfire the image is doing its job of grabbing the attention of the viewer.

  2. Paul Fess

    Interesting post, but I’m wondering if you could say more about how this ad works to convince people to shop at McDonald’s. Also, check out episode 4 of Ways of Seeing, which is all about ads.

  3. tenzin w paling Post author

    According to John Berger, “We may remember or forget these images, but briefly we take them
    in. And for a moment, they stimulate our imagination, either by way of memory or anticipation”
    (Ways of seeing, Episode 4 00:43). He is telling us that the we don’t forget the images we see,
    but if it is striking or catchy it stays in our mind. Therefore, I think McDonald’s advertisement for
    their Classic Burger, Big Mac Bacon with Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa with a bacon on her shoulder is a
    creative way to advertise their new burger. Macdonald with Da Vinci together is not a regular
    combination. It can intrigue people to learn more about this new burger they are launching.
    McDonald is worldwide that it is not necessary to have an image of a burger on their poster.
    Mona Lisa with bacon on her shoulder and their logo in the corner uniquely advertises the idea
    of their Classic Big Mac with Bacon. It is easier to recall event or images that are unique, so this
    advertisement is definitely an attention grabber.

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