Why Art Matters (Blog #1)

Clarity,breadth and significance are the three intellectual standards showed in Why Art Matters clearly.In this video, the producer indicated that there are many arts display as different forms around us . Like what the video said,art is not only at museums ,but also exists everywhere.It could be on a  building, a park ,a wall , even on the road you step right now.One of a narrators in  the video also pointed out sometimes we need to stop and observe so that we can find  those wonderful arts around us .

The reason why I think breadth is showed in this video is because the producer covered many  aspects that how art has affected our life mentally and physically. As technology grows stronger and stronger,we have many opportunities to get in touch with visual images no matter with what device. The video also revealed that art is really close to us even though in our real life . For example,we can often see street graffiti or street music on the way home , that’s also art. Besides, the last narrator implied the key point to find art is not about art itself. having eyes of finding art is more important .

As for the significance of art,the video stated that if we can spend time in looking a little deeper at something ,we might notice many details we didn’t aware before.We can apply this skill in so many fields in life aside from art, which can make us think deeper and further.



2 thoughts on “Why Art Matters (Blog #1)

  1. Paul Fess

    Chang, your entry is very insightful. I would not have thought to discuss “breadth” in this context because the video is so short, but you make a good case that the presenters cover this base. I would like to know more about the “significance” portion of your entry. Overall, great job!

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