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Intellectual standards of quality

In English compositions the quality of the content is very important. A writer has to have clear ideas of what they want to say and be able to organize the ideas in a way that make sense for the reader. The example provided in the book allow us to have an idea of what we should not do when writing a composition. “The sun, as he was surfing, sparkled on the water.” like the author explained, this sentence sounds like the sun is surfing but it is actually a person. The reader would not have a clear idea of what the writer wants to say and may start thinking ideas different than what the writer actually meant. 

Punctuation is also essential on English writing. One point or a comma can change the whole meaning of what the writer wants to say. If a person writes in a book “Let’s eat Grandma” the reader will automatically think that they are actually eating their grandma. The book can be about a happy family but because of the missing punctuation the reader will start think about cannibals which has nothing to do with the writer’s intentions.

Every book should make sense to the reader. The way the writer organize their ideas sometimes can be a challenge. The order a writer place their ideas can also change the whole meaning of the book or not to make sense at all. A reader should not stop their reading to ask themselves “wait, what” this means that one or some of the ideas or examples are not properly organize.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Anyelina, this is good, but take another look at the blog post assignment. I’d like you to briefly analyze one of the videos for three of these standards of intellectual quality.

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