How Art Can Help You Analyze

Art can give us meanings, purpose or information. Also, it helps us to identify things. And helping by an art is very common in our life. For example: if we get hit/damaged by a criminal we describe the criminal’s face/voice/appearance to a police officer or a detective and they make view/art of the criminal. And somehow they manage to find and capture the criminal. They gather their thoughts to find the victim. And here an art view to analyze things which are helpful. As a result, art helps to analyze difficult problems by different perspective and details. I really think that art also helps us to investigate and its common in our life and a good ability also. However, art is important because we live in a photographic world. It can give us knowledge or information and it can communicate with us. I think that art has the power to give us a message and the message can be helpful/supportive.

1 thought on “How Art Can Help You Analyze

  1. Paul Fess

    Fuad, you highlight many of the important parts of the argument this video makes, but I’d like to know more about what the presenter means when she relates looking at art to the process of solving a crime. It’s not that the criminal produces art; it’s that learning to look at art enhances the analytical process of deconstructing a crime scene.

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