Discussion 6 ( Episodes 3&4)

Episodes 3 and 4


Episode: 3

  1. According to Krukowski, what are the main differences between a microphone and a cellphone and why is this difference important?

According to Krukowski, with the microphone we can control the proximity effect of our tone such as our breath and the distance, but cellphone doesn’t not have proximity effect. Also, he mentions that our sound on the phone is sometimes worse, there is not sensitivity and being near of far from the phone is almost the same voice. Many of the speakers during the episode recognize that they can spend hours in the microphone but cannot do the same with the cellphone. Krukowski said, there are many sound’s details omitted with the cellphone and one of the most important aspect is the communication feeling.

  1. What do Krukowski and Gary Tomlinson, the professor he interviews, assert about the “musical” qualities of the voice and how are these changed by digital transmission?

The Professor Gary Tomlinson says that one of the most interesting point during a communication is the musical aspect of the language, the tone of the speech. He adds that many linguists are not paying attention to that remarque and they only focus on syntax and grammar. Krukowski emphasis that we are losing the non-verbal quality of our language by using digital transmission. Technology system has a long way to pursue in order to record perfectly every details of human being voice.

  1. What is the significance of Krukowski’s comments on the voice to ideas about community and interpersonal connection?

In the Krukowski’s comment, we can understand that digital tools fail in many ways to transmit exactly our tone to our interlocutor. For that reason, face to face communication is essential to realize the feeling of the sound of the voice. For example, we heard people say “I recognize your voice” that mean, it is not only the words and be able to communicate but they acknowledge the music of the voice.

Episode: 4

  1. Krukowski begins by discussing the issue of music file sharing. What is your opinion of this issue? Should music be freely available, or should one have to pay? 

In the music industry, songs file sharing is a big issue for musicians and producers. These artists are working hard to create something for the public and some producers are investing a lot money in the music. Therefore, musicians should benefit for their copy wright as do for example books writers and inventors. If someone share a music file with others, that practice cannot helps the singer to make money. The music should not be freely available unless the government or other companies buy the product and make it available in the internet. Music industry should be considered as a business, for that reason the society should buy songs in order to let artists have revenue.


  1. How does this episode represent the relationships between music, community, and culture?

In this episode we see that the music plays an important role in the community but with the digital technology, we have some problem about the copy wright. People used to say that music has no borders, it is one of the best ways to create unity and peace around the world. Also, music is known as the most important aspect for any community to sell or advertise their culture. For example, American singers are very famous around the world.

  1. Does charging money for music impede the formation of communities around this music or does it help support the circulation of music?

Charging money for music helps support the circulation of music. In many countries, copying and selling music for only the trader’s interest without the permission of the singer, is considered illegal. We should know that music is also considered as a job for some people who practice it. It isn’t only for fun but, these musicians work hard and spend months to produce the music we are listening. Music industry look like other businesses, these workers or musicians need money to pay their bills and live good live. Of course, I don’t like the overcharging customers for music in order to be the richest person in the world, but we should know that many musicians need the minimum of money to enjoy their life.