Ways of Hearing, Episode 1 & 2

Episode 1

  1. What is Krukowski’s main point about how we experience time in the “real” world versus are experiences with “digital” time? Why are these differences significant?

-Krukoswski main point, he stated real time is what we experience at that moment And like he stated Real time is lived time and digital is not a lived time were they work like spread sheet, and he stated that digital time can make many people experience at a time, like the audio we were listening to.

  1. What does Krukowski mean when he says that listening has a lot to do with how we navigate space?

– Krukowski stated navigate space basically is sound like daily sounds, can be the loud music people are playing in their car, anything that have an sound that create a great outcome.

Episode 2

  1. In the interview at the beginning of the episode, Jeremiah Moss argues that developers in Astor Place are “privatizing public space in a very stealth way.” What does he mean by this? What does Moss say about the distinction between public and private space, and why is it important?

– He stated how NYC is very crowed and they’re very slow, Knowing that everyone is avoiding each other, they tend to use headphone to block each other verbal sound, and he stated how Japan people tent to sleep on the train so they won’t have eye contacts. Its really important because it shows how people are use to their daily life and they tent to have their own private space, for example on the train everyone is on the phone to avoid everything around them.

  1. What is the significance of Emily Thompson’s idea that the development of concert halls arose from desires to “control interior spaces”? How is this desire, according to Krukowski, related to earbuds and headphones?

-They wanted to control the interior space with different music, knowing that many performers took place their, the people who are there they don’t know what music is going to be played. According to the Audio i I think earbud and earphones is a simple of space and sound which an individual tent to use to control there sound and space because they’re in their own little bubble.

  1. In your own opinion, what are the key ideas from this episode about the relationship between sound and space? What strikes you as interesting about the ways that sound influences our experience of space

– According to this episode the relationship between the sound and space and be really interactive together because people need space but they want to listen to there own sound, trying to avoid everything around them.