The power to look by art Institute of Chicago

The tree categories of Intellectual Standard that I guessed mach this video are : depth , significance and fairness. It  showed  every little details on all 3 different art which are connected with one main idea: to reveal a  history .Yoruba Crown from Nigeria , west Africa , Gustave Caillebotte , Paris Street ; Rainy Day and Cindy Sherman , Untitled # 92 .

The Yoruba Crown which describes how some king of Africa is so powerful, the video showed us every details that is attached to the story of the crown and it was meaningful .It gives a deep sense  to the viewer to realise exactly what the sculpture was about .

looking at people well suite in  the street and others working class on the background  describes how the modern life was in the end of 19s centuries . Even if it looks like normal , there is a complex ideology of the life  style of those people. And the paint art can tell us .

Ms Sherman  in Untitled  film still #92  showed how somebody at the same time could be part of its creativity. She was the one who direct her casting and play female roles in the movie also.

In addition all those tree description have one objective which is to tell a story . And those stories were been told in every details which  give the topic a significant sense with a profound explanation .

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  1. Paul Fess

    Ismail, you discuss interesting aspects of the examples the presenter uses. I’m left wondering, though, how you see these examples as conveying the three standards you raise in the first paragraph.

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