The Intellectual Standards of Quality in The Power to Look

In The Power to Look the producer successfully exhibits clarity, breadth and relevance. The narrator exhibits clarity by very clearly explaining the importance of the visual qualities of artwork. She explains in a concise and understandable way how visual stimulation in art communicate the symbolism in art. The Yoruba crown has symbolic meanings that explain the artist use of a veil, the birds and the two faces on the front and back. The narrator clearly explains how this visual symbolism is interpreted. The video distinctly follows her narration to express her view point.

The producer also uses a wide breadth to explain the importance of visual stimulation and symbolism. She uses 4 very different media of art including photography, paintings and an African crown. She contrasts the different styles of art while showing that they all attain a certain significant context that can be visually observed. The life sized painting, Paris Street; Rainy Day ┬ádisplays the importance of social class separation in the late 19 century Paris, while Cindy Sheman’s photography displays a critical view of 1960’s and 70’s film.

The narrator also remains relevant throughout the video. She describes the various artworks while the pictures are all consistent with her narration. She explains the characteristics of each piece of art in a way that ties them all together. She does not stray off of her point and uses the artwork shown in the video to direct our attention to the important specifics of each artwork. The video uses a close-up shot of American Gothic┬áto explain the importance of details such as the subject’s facial expression and what they may be looking at off the canvas.

The producer of the video uses the standards of quality very well to make a well thought out video that clearly explains the importance of visual observation in art. It is done with a large breadth that uses different styles of art as evidence of that importance. It is made with consistent relevance through out the video keeping the viewer interested and focused on the point trying to be made.

2 thoughts on “The Intellectual Standards of Quality in The Power to Look

  1. Yara Gouda

    I like the way you write and the way you organize your paragraphs, but I wish you could explain more or give more details and description about what you’re writing about.

  2. Paul Fess

    I agree with Yara; this is very well organized. I am also wondering how these features of the video help shape the overall argument about the ways visual meaning is created. Great job!

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