why art matters

Behind every artwork , there is a meaningful idea or message  which , the Artist or the art itself expresses to the viewer .Observing “Why art matters  “, just increase my perspective in term of how art  helps in society. When we’re looking at an artwork , we make up ideas on  what we are seeing and answer question such as what is that mean in reality. It really help because through it , we can understand  things that have already gone . It also can  permit people to dig and better explain some history. Everything is all about what we saw . That why there is Police motor which says ” If you see something, Say something “. We love more watching than listening.  That is why popular people  have a lot of followers. It is just to see what they’re  showing the viewers. Art is part of our daily life , everywhere we go , we see, observe, analyse  and at the and deduct our conclusion that helps us .Even if we  said artwork can’t cover everything ,we must notice that it plays a huge role . What will we be interested at if we don’t have artwork on  this earth?

6 thoughts on “why art matters

  1. Jenell Cancel

    Without artwork, there would be no physical imagery of our history nor would there be any way of documenting a thought. How would you be able to describe something without imagery. The world would seem like a blank piece of paper. The question has me thinking deeper into what would give someone some of the mental stimulation that art would. Technically, like hieroglyphics how would someone communicate, isn’t writing like a form of art? When thinking about the interest of another individual or even just myself if we took art out of the equation you end up removing all physical and materialistic thing leaving us with our mind and imagination to create our own entertainment.

  2. Xiao Han

    Sometimes art is just a manifestation of life, art comes from life. This is why more and more creators create works that are close to life because art is in our lives.

  3. Anyelina Munoz

    I like your point of view Ismail, we are always looking at art even when we do not notice. Art is all around the world not only at the museums. Our eyes are curious all the time and even unconsciously we are looking for new things to see and discover.

  4. tenzin w paling

    These three videos has given a new meaning of what art is to me, especially the first video about why art matters. Everywhere art has surrounded us with varying degree of impression but does that mean every art out there has a meaningful message? The graffiti on street walls or a painter drawing a skyline of Manhattan could have made an art in leisure without any message in it. Is it necessary for art to incorporate a message to consider it as an art?

  5. Paul Fess

    Ismail, I like your point that “everything” is what we see, and I would add it is “how we see.” Seeing is not a passive activity; we actively pick and choose what and how we see the world.

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