Ways of Hearing episode # 3 & 4

Episode 3

  1. According to Krukowski, what are the main differences between a microphone and a cellphone and why is this difference important?                                                                                    the sounds of our voices on the phones are getting worst when we switching to digital cellphones, the mini mics on the cellphone are much sensitive from the mics we used on the analog phones. cellphones don’t transmit the full range of sound picked up by their mics instead they digitally process these sounds and remove unnecessary data. so cellphones don’t transmit the feeling and the other sounds because digital machines focus on transferring the sounds, not the feeling but analog phones transmit everything and we can get closer to it or far from it to transmit feelings with our sounds.                                                                                                        
  2. What do Krukowski and Gary Tomlinson, the professor he interviews, assert about the “musical” qualities of the voice and how are these changed by digital transmission?                     the musical qualities go way back to thousands of centuries before language and these music qualities are what we need it to survive, to make social organizations, and love. these qualities are changed with digital technology, voices are being transmitted in data form without the music tune so there are no more feelings. both of them are talking about the significance of the music tune on the sounds and cellphones don’t transmit what analog phones used to transmit to make us feel one another present.                                                      
  3. What is the significance of Krukowski’s comments on the voice to ideas about community and interpersonal connection?                                                                                                                Kurkowski’s comments are important to understand how we used to communicate before digital technology especially cellphones because before the cellphones we used analog phones with mics and we used to feel each other present and feel the flirt in our voices,  cellphone carry the voices but not emotions, people used to talk hours on analog phones and that all was before the invention of the cellphones.                                                                   

    Episode 4

  4. Krukowski begins by discussing the issue of music file sharing. What is your opinion on this issue? Should music be freely available or should one have to pay?                                                  before technology bands needed to travel from one place to another to play their music and making some money and that was fun for them but nowadays things are changed and music is traveling through the internet and bands don’t need to travel from country to country to play music. musicians play music either for fun or for money. I agree that we should pay because musicians work hard to create this art and I don’t think if they share it for free they could continue producing more music because everything in our life cost money.                                                                                                                                                              
  5. How does this episode represent the relationships between music, community, and culture?                                                                                                                                                        music carries singers’ words, feelings, and messages to the community, and the community is the people who are affected and reflected by these feelings and words. so if the music were about love and feelings, it will reflect feelings on our culture but if it were sexual, it will reflect badly on our culture. so music, community, and culture are all connected.                                                                                                                                                            
  6.   does charging money for music impede the formation of communities around this music or does it help support the circulation of music?                                                                                      music is immortal because when we play it flews through the air. producing companies are profitable companies so they make music and records to make profits but it might be different to some singers who believe they shouldn’t charge for there music. financial support is important to help support the circulation of music. music logo, label, and the efforts that musicians put to create their music do cost and they do that for living. in order to keep producing music we musicians need financial support and by charging they can create more and more music and they will keep the circulation of music.

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  1. Scott Levine

    I agree with your answer to question 2. Music has been a part of every human culture we know about. It has been a part of our souls and religions. Digital technology has removed the soul and life force of the sounds we use to communicate and has distanced us from our fellow man. Even though we can now connect to more people around the world the quality of that connection has been lost.

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