Why Art Matters

As time passed,the definition of art has changed a lot comparing to past time.Art is not only a particular word for those elegant designs or expensive painting.Therefore ,every person can likely be in  touch with different forms of art now , once we pay more attention to those little things we never noticed before,we will realize how wonderful they are.After going through this process we can learn excellent skills which are observing tiny things and thinking deeper.The first video Why Art Matter convinced me by its clear explanation and examples.And it also answered me a question that I was wondering for a long time.Nowadays, many people live in a life of fast pace with tremendous pressures.As a result ,people now  are easily becoming colder and more angry .This situation is especially severe in some large population country and if we can’t fix this problem that the whole circumstance of society will be worse and worse.From my point of view,art probably is a good solution to solve this problem. People who have huge pressures will be always anxiety,however, sometimes these pressures don’t come from their surroundings but come from themselves.Hence,enjoying arts can not only ease their pressures but also can enrich their spiritual world.In addition,they may realize if they can stop a while and observe something deeper,they are able to clear their confused mind so that they can solve the problem from the base because they may find beauty of life now.


3 thoughts on “Why Art Matters

  1. Paul Fess

    Chang, your point that the ideas about beauty conveyed by most artworks can be therapeutic is interesting. You should consider pursuing this throughout the Ways of Seeing section.

  2. ambika lama

    As you have said we live in fast life with huge pressure ,a simple piece of art is good solution.i think that is why we can easily see it on streets, parks , building , movies basically everywhere in a form of sculpture,architecture,paintings,ceramics street art,graffiti.art is everywhere influencing us everyday. We have seen nice picture or nice quotes in work place to encourage employees to be more productive.And more often many of us even put posters of their favorite idol to motivate themselves to go to gym.I think all kind of art can affect our mood in positive way,making us calmer ,happier and motivated.

  3. Jure Abicic

    I think you make some good points about how to solve some of society’s problem through an increased spiritual awareness and a decrease in anxiety. Actually those two usually go hand in hand, and the viewing of artwork is certainly a way of enhancing those things, but they are not the only way. There are more direct ways of attaining peace through knowledge of oneself and the outside world and some of those ways include reading, meditating, therapy, and surrounding oneself with positive and intelligent people. So basically what I’m saying is that art alone will probably not be enough to solve the world’s problems, but it’s a good starting point.

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