Discussion 7

Episode 5

  1. Music is accepted by one side and rejected by the other. But the marginalized, the rejected, the repressed, most of the time will evolve into new forms or die out completely. Whether being accepted or rejected, I think, is a symbol of benefit. After being rejected, art or music will have different innovations, the social system will be adjusted after being rejected by people, and rights will evolve into a new system after being marginalized. Most of the time, people only focus on what is accepted and popular, but what is ignored is not necessarily bad, but just appreciated from a different Angle.


  1. Both are the drawbacks of the digital age. No one knows what the purpose of the operation is behind them, but whether the so-called forced exposure is just another propaganda tool to attract people’s attention and show some marginalized or the next trend in this way. What people see may be superficial phenomena, but I think what the purpose of forced exposure is, there will be no loss, because it will evolve into another form or result, and the beneficiary will always be the business.


  1. Surprise satisfies people’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge, like a conclusion. However, in the process of discovery, the development company provides different music enjoyment to the audience through discovery and development. On the side, it is the developer who satisfies the audience’s taste. However, they are related. 


Episode 6

  1. Noise and signal are often confused by people, noise depends on people’s choice, everyone’s understanding, and acceptance of noise is different. A signal is a cue by which people get some information. Both are important because I think all sounds can be noise, all sounds come from noise. People decide whether it’s noise, and decisions and signals give them information that they want.


  1. Noise and signals are interrelated because all sound comes from noise, and all signals can be considered noise. Krukowski likes to remind people not to think noise is noise subjectively. People need to understand the message that noise conveys. Sometimes people can get from noise to unexpected results.


  1. The way of listening is constantly changing, which will also change people’s lives. With the continuous progress and development of digital technology, people become more and more detached from real life. Listening becomes a weapon and tool for people to gain benefits. Away from noise, away from the innovation of digital music, the human ear has also become a victim of sound, and digital progress is depriving the ear of the right to hear. It seems that people are controlling the progress of digitalization, but in fact, digitalization is gradually controlling people.


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  1. Ngawang Tashi

    i like what you state on your last question that digitalization is controlling human beings, i totally agree because everyone is so use to iPhone and apple music we dont buy record or CD,VCR anymore.

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