1: The difference between nakedness and nude is that nude is a form of art and nakedness is when you are without clothing. These differences are significant because people have been using the wrong terms and in art these are significant words.

2:The western works of art depicted and defined different roles for men and women, men being in charge and women be submissive and slaves for men. The example  John Berger uses is Adam and eve, they were used to explain each role men and women play. These depictions influence the way some people think in todays society because some men do believe women are supposed to obey and be slaves for men.

3: Berger describes the significance of the mirror in the paintings depicting women by using the mirror as a symbol to show the women who they are and what people think she looks like . The mirror is used as a way of vanity for the women. In the video Berger explains the depiction of the female gaze in panting’s, women were painted a certain way to society. In these panting’s women were naked and looked at as if they were supposed to be vulnerable to men.