Discussion # 4

In the Episode 4 by John Berger, we realize that images in the publicity influence consumers and it is very significant for them. As we see in the film, every detail in the advertising images is studied minutely in order to have an impact to the viewers. The goal is to make consumers enviable the product, to think how to get this good even if we don’t have money to buy it. In addition, the publicity is arranged to push clients to plan to save money only for the purpose of buying that object. Therefore, the publicity has an important role to play between business compagnies and customers. It gives us dream that if we own that product, our life will change, and other people will respect us or will think to create some personal relation with the owner. For example, the publicity of the car gives some information about the difference between the old model and the new one; in the publicity we can read or heard how the comfort it is, speed etc.

We see how the presenter shows the difference between oil painting and images publicity. in the European painting or any other painting, the painter shows to the viewers the achievement of the person in the art. The wealth that he or her owns, the painting is another way to celebrate the success in his life. it symbolizes his prestige or glory in the society where he is leaving. For example, we can see in some painting men surrounded by a beautiful woman and a lot of fruits or objects in a period of the society, the personage in the painting is showing abundance and good life. In contrast, publicity is to create feeling or envy to have something that we don’t own yet. Therefore, this sensation can push us to work hard and save money to buy that object in the publicity. The production of images for publicity is something that organized by the company to incite customers to have a planning, to work for something.

Nowadays, we know that advertising good touristic images is one the key to attract customers in order to improve the economy and develop countries. In that case, many tourism agencies work hard in collaboration with organism in charge for publicity. We see in the television, in the new paper or in the public notice many good images that can create an envy for us to visit the country. These images are always arranged to make touristic places more attractive and cheaper than other counties. But, when we travel to that country, the reality is very different to what we saw in the medias. Generally, they never show in the publicity the poverty or any king of problem that is facing the country. On the other hand, the tourism is organized in the way that, the visitor buys more or spend a lot of money in that country. For example, we see many countries are complaining about the current quarantine due to covid-19 because they are not getting people (tourists) to visit their country. That mean what we see in the publicity could be sometimes different to the reality and their goal is make us to spend money.


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