Discussion Post #4

Question- 1:

First of all, we are surrounded by images of publicity/advertising in our daily life. The images encourage our imagination by expectation. John Berger pointed out, “It’s a language with words and images which calls out to us”. In reality, publicity hypnotizes our mind to buy specific products which have values or can bring high-status to us. John Berger pointed out that “Publicity usually persuade us to buy a product to make ourselves rich, even though we will be poorer”. And that’s the purpose of publicity. People who, influenced by publicity buy products and become envy to others. As a result, other people who are unenviable tries to buy products for high-status and here publicity what manufacture the glamour. Glamour works through the eye and the mirror and without social envy, glamour cannot exist. Also, glamour did not exist in the era of the oil painting. Another point is publicity abuses public figures for sell specific products. Moreover, publicity is very significant I think. The reason is most of the profits of selling products are come from publicity. Publicity changed our mind and creates a delusion to buy a specific product to reach in high-level from low-level, even though it’s making us poor/meager. However, publicity uses some methods of art to sell the product such as: atmosphere, settings, signals or objects to sell products.

Question- 2:

Oil paintings usually trying to show what someone is capable of and their status in the society. It describes someone’s own feeling of his own worth. Also, it displays the perspective on himself as he as of now might have been. The people who could pay for oil paintings were at the head of the social class. That’s why they didn’t have yearned for additional. On the other hand, publicity uses oil paintings for advertising products what creates an eagerness to humans’ mind to buy products. Oil painting have been swapped by the model. Publicity uses some strategies of art to sell the product such as: atmosphere, settings, signals or objects to sell products. Eventually, it affects people’s wealth for some temporary excitement/pleasure. As a result, publicity wins and human lose, but not for everybody.

Question- 3:

John Berger explains three kinds of dreams, what are used in publicity. One dream is “The Dream of later Tonight”- Everybody is encircled by what brings joy, however it is you who will bring the best delight of all. This dream displays individuals incredibly appreciating each other’s conversation with all the members being attractive and very sharp looking. Here the most enviable person becomes the role model of the party and also the splendid person. However, thoughts like this is the most common imagination of human and publicity uses this for sell specific products. Usually we can see advertising of scents, diamonds/jewelries, watches, suits/outfits what related with “The Dream of later Tonight”. As a result, people get mesmerized and thinks without that dream related products, he/she cannot be the attractive human in the society.

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  1. Xiao Han

    sometime when people are shopping, they want to buy something can show their status. are they necessary in people life? maybe not

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