In the video “why art matters (why look at art?)” by Dr. Steven Zucker and Dr. Beth Harris we can choose clarity, fairness and significant from the textbook English composition to describe the intellectual standards for quality. In the video, we see how people think about art.


By looking the video and analyzing the different opinions of the speakers we can understand that the video describes clearly about the art. Also, it is fair and significant because it gives details to every aspect relative to art and different views. The presenters use people who have experiences about thinking when they look at the art and are able to analyze the meaning of the images they see. The first speaker describes arts as images that communicate whit people and also say it is another way, we can see the world. The second person qualifies art as high vision and affirm that we can pay attention to our environment through the art and to emphasis her observation she gave example to the birds, newspapers and museums. The third speaker say that artists are everywhere, that mean it is not only in the museum we can find arts, they can be found also in the street, parks or our architectures, I think this opinion is fair for artists who do not have chance to present their creation in the museum, and the last speaker talks about how we can find details in the art if we do not have predetermination. That mean we should be patient and look carefully the art in order to analyze what information the artist want to give to people. That require to pay more attention to every detail of the art.


In the video, we find clarity, fairness and significance to describe the perception of the art by using some of the intellectual standards for quality.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Saikou, your post does a good job of tying the standards of intellectual quality to this video. I’m wondering if you could say more about how these techniques complement the overall argument of the video.

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