How art can help you analyze

The question I chose is “How art can help you analyze”.

In my opinion, the presenters perfectly explained why art matters, and how it can help us to think deeper, beyond the visual and intellectual obvious indicias. At the beginning of the video, Amy E. Herman mentioned the ordinary prejudice of many people in our society that art doesn’t matter. To prove the opposite, Herman used three relatively different occupations which can profit thanks to analyzing art in general. Exemplary observation of the painting and implementation of these techniques in different situations demonstrated, how close studying of art can train the way of thinking, viewing, and exploring things and situations and how useful it can be in many completely different spheres.

Even I agreed with the statements in the video, I think that analyzing art can be even more interesting in the context of some kind of psychoanalysis of individuals. As it was mentioned above that one can say, the art doesn’t matter, and it’s just an unnecessary accessory. But could the chosen color, shape, or type of a particular piece of art suggest, what type of personality has the person owning a concrete piece of art? May the specific taste or reaction to the certain art piece provide the look into the mind or even the soul of the individual?

There are many points of view on art and its importance, and the fact, that we can improve our analytic skills through art is unequivocal. Concentration to the detail, asking questions, contemplation, speculation, or consideration of the space behind the horizon could be useful not just for some occupations, but for each of us on daily basics.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Great points here. In particular, I like that you pose the questions about an artwork that might also transfer to everyday life.

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