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The use of technology has changed our perception of life in many different ways and it has become a part of our lives. In fact, nowadays people cannot imagine their lives without technology such as smartphones, computers, and other means of technological devices. Cell phones have become very popular and are used by a lot of people everywhere. It is the most convenient and flexible device to use everywhere. It has great advantages and it makes our lives easier and comfortable. Cell phones have made my life easier in a sense to communicate with my parents everyday because they live in my back home county. So, I don’t feel any missing or they even don’t feel they miss me.  But too much use of technology takes our time and makes us lose the sense of time because actually it is a kind of addiction. The  use of cell phones has some pitfalls to it because sometimes we get so fascinated  into cell phones that we become completely unaware of what is happening around us and forget to take care of important things in our lives. When we give most of our time to the cell phones we lose our sociable life and can create social distance among our family, relatives and  friends so the use of cell phones should be in limitation to create healthy relationships. That’s how you can feel the company of each person and how they matter for you. In this way, you have got better to be sociable in real life. Couples of time the use of  cell phones have distracted me from my work and time. For instance, when I go to bed at night,with the intention of  reading and  sleeping , I always grab my phone and start to check  email,  Facebook and google search to study  and so on and when I realize time it is always late to sleep at midnight like 2 or 3 o’clock. As a consequence , I cannot wake up early in the morning which hampers my college life and other work. Further it made my body lazy and tired. There is a saying “ if you win the morning, you win the day”. It is important for us to know the value of time  as people to learn how to manage our time and not let technology take away our wellness and creativity; the use of cell phones distract us in many ways but we should use it wisely and know when to put a limit to it.  As a being smart  don’t let your  smartphone control you. Our time is valuable, so it should be used in productivity for a better future.


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