Discussion #5

Episode 1 

1. According to Krukowski’s main point, “real” time is variable and always changing, humans experience and express time in analog world, and it does not move quickly or slowly like in “digital” time. On the other hand, “digital” time is a machine time, expressed by computers, it is exact and unchanged.

2. Krukowski by saying that listening has a lot to do with how we navigate space, he means that switching from analog to digital audio changes our perception of time and space. Through using the stereo hearing, we find the source of the sounds around us.

 Episode 2 

1. Jeremiah Moss is angry about Astor Place gentrification, it has been a public space, where has happened protests and free expression, and now many changes are happening. Many businesses are privatizing the public space around the pedestrian plaza, and implementing many rules, they are dictating people how to use that space.

2. According to Emily Thompson’s idea about development of concert halls, is to control sound in interior space and to isolate from the city noise, and to create refuge from that loud environment. Likewise using the earbuds, each person is creating his own interior space and listening to the sounds he chose.

3. The sound around us always warn us and let us know about the space, we know where we are in that moment, and what or who is moving around us. As an example, are blind people, their feeling of space is related to sounds around them, they know when to cross the street listening to pedestrian traffic light sound. They also hear the presence of other people around them.

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