Blog post #3

Blog Post #3



For this blog post I would like you to use the material about prewriting and writing opening paragraphs and do the following:


  1. Briefly answer these questions from Chapter 2 Prewriting in English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate:

Planning Based on Audience and Purpose

Identifying the target audience and purpose of an essay is a critical part of planning the structure and techniques that are best to use. It’s important to consider the following:

  • Is the the purpose of the essay to educate, announce, entertain, or persuade?

It has the purpose of educating the reader by showing the problem that Kiana went through when writing an essay, shows in details that she needed more help, also explains how she felt when writing and presents as a solution not to focus only on the first draft but rather to do a prewriting job.


  • Who might be interested in the topic of the essay?

Students who need help writing their essays, those who suffer that after a paragraph they have nothing more to say.


  • Who would be impacted by the essay or the information within it?

As mentioned above, students or people who like to write but do not have enough knowledge to develop their ideas and translate them into a well-executed essay and varied vocabulary.


  • What does the reader know about this topic?

Knows the causes of a poorly conducted essay and what is needed to correct those errors and improve the development of a essay.


  • What does the reader need to know in order to understand the essay’s points?

You need to know that the writer must develop a clear thesis and ideas that support the thesis throughout the text


  • What kind of hook is necessary to engage the readers and their interest?

One of personal experience so the reader will feel identified with the story and will be more interested in the development of the essay


  • What level of language is required? Words that are too subject-specific may make the writing difficult to grasp for readers unfamiliar with the topic.

In these types of essays, a neutral language not so sophisticated is required so that the reader can easily understand the message.


  • What is an appropriate tone for the topic? A humorous tone that is suitable for an autobiographical, narrative essay may not work for a more serious, persuasive essay.

The tone should be persuasive as it shows the reader what to do in order to write an essay correctly


  1. Write a draft of your opening paragraph based on Chpter 2 Opening Paragraphs from English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate


In the article , “Praising Effort or Performance?”, the author states that electronic devices are a distraction for students. She says scores in school are not enough to achieve success. Also, parents should change the way they perceive raising kids to succeed in life. In addition, the author states that it’s better encourage children’s effort and teach them life skills. Instead of encourage their academic performance. I agree with the author because academy success prepares you for the test, but life skills prepares you for life.