discussion question #3

1. Berger argues that being naked is to be oneself without clothes, to be nude is to be seen naked by others this is considered an artistic representation; these differences are significant because being nude is a form of art, when you are nude you are posing for others to see you, but when you are naked you don’t expect someone is seeing you, you are with yourself without any shame so it’s awkward if someone would. I think almost every time in a painting you can identify if the artist painted someone posing (nude) or if the artist had the intention to paint someone naked, this can be recognized in the attitudes the body takes when is posing, or the sensation of vulnerability the painting conveys when someone is painted naked.


Since the history of Adan and Eva, women were associated with sinfulness and desire. According to Berger, western works of art have defined women as the object to see and judge, and men seen superior and stronger than woman; the nudes being depicted for men consumption only. These paintings were like a beauty contest, and the prize of the winner was to be owned, this puts beauty as a synonym of money. Sometimes in the picture the woman was with a men lover, but she does not reply to his sexuality, because she is arranged for the spectator. Women in the European oil paintings have to be shown like they don’t have any interest as Berger said “they have to feed an appetite not to have any of their own” this is one clear example of how these depictions influenced the sexual role of the woman in society because for a long time the woman was not supposed to have any desire, it was not a characteristic of a woman, while for the men was normal to have sometimes a violent appetite towards women.

3. Berger argues that men put a mirror in a woman’s hand and that is a sign of vanity when they paint that woman for their own pleasure, all these paintings infer that a woman’s beauty is defined by men. These conventions are created to fulfill the expectations of the male. The female gaze is staring at the viewer, making him feel as he owns her gaze. Today, in magazines we can see how female gaze is also towards the viewer, looking at him looking at her, kind of hypnotizing him. idealizing women have been systematically affecting women’s life for a long time for example that woman have to be coy and women their bodies have to be curvy.