How can art help you analize?

How can art help you analyze? In today’s society people do not give much importance to art. most people have art in their house or apartment just for decoration. But what if that painting that you have hanging in your living room has a story to tell? Analyzing is a very important skill for most careers/professions. As described in the video it can help to save lives either you are a doctor, police officer, teacher, etc. By simply looking at an art people are able to learn and see the authors point of view but sometimes you have to focus on it. I think that a painting is the reflex of the author’s feeling or mood. Art is a way to communicate to others and explain what words can not say. If a person is able to interpret the art language, most likely they will be able to analyze a crime scene (in the case of a police officer) or a patient illness by just looking at the visual symptoms (if it’s a Doctor). Also, body language is very important, a teacher for example can have an idea if a student is going through a situation in their lives. But all this can only be possible if you are able to “analyze” the situation and by analyzing art paintings is a very good way to learn this skills.

5 thoughts on “How can art help you analize?

  1. Scott Levine

    I think you should delve a little deeper into why you think that analyzing art can help you in life. Use more examples about from the video. Write a little more about the painting by Magritte. I agree with you that analyzation is an important skill, but how do you know that it helps save lives? Again use more examples from the video to support your theory.

  2. tenzin w paling

    I believe you can count me into that group of people who just hang art for the sake of decoration. I don’t remember analyzing art when i go to museum. My idea of art was limited to the visual aspect mostly. For me, art has been an adornment in my home. I use art to make my walls glow and sculpture to lighten up the environment. The theme chosen for this session of English 101 has somehow changed my whole outlook of art. It is interesting to find out that analyzing skill acquired from art can have positive impact in professional life, but is it the only leading way to acquire this analytical skill? Can a person with strong art interpretation able to do well in their respective professional field? There is no guarantee that doctor and police officer who are good in art interpretation can save lives and solve crime. It is my understanding that art can help you in developing the analytical skill but it is not the only way.

  3. Rahid Uddin

    I agree yes analyzing is an important skill for many careers and even when basic situations. However claiming that someone could be able to interpret artwork and associating that with what doctors,nurses and law enforcement agents have to do is absurd to me. There’s more than just analysis towards figuring out throughout each of these professions career paths, they received special training and knowledge that helps them in their careers not due to analyzing art works. Someone who’s familiar with analyzing art work wouldn’t know what to do and look out for at a crime scene or properly diagnosis a patient just by looking at them and prescribing whatever seems right at the moment. Each mistake could be vital to a patient or finding a culprit. If anything it could help develop your analytical skills but art is not the first thing I would have in my mind for cops and doctors to undergo for their development and training,

  4. Paul Fess

    Anyelina, you lay out some of the most important parts of the video here. Like Scott, I would like to know what you think about specific examples of what you’re talking about. But, I think what your post highlights is the aspect of the process of analyzing art is a kind of practice for other kinds of analysis–what you all will do in college classes, but also what you will be doing in your professions when you graduate.

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