Discussion question 1 (how art can help us analyze?)

For the question “how art can help us analyze?”, we see how presenters describes the importance of the art to improve the way we can see images and how to analyze them. Artists give information through their arts and people should be able to have deep looking to interpret the meaning of the art.

In some cases, it is difficult to interpret the signification of a painting or some artistic objects. If we do not pay attention to every detail of the art, we can miss some important points that the artist wants to provide. It is not only going to the museum to see arts or looking arts on the streets or parks etc. we should have the ability to analyze what we are seeing in the art. That mean we should not have some presuppositions; we should look every detail to understand the meaning of the art. Therefore, by doing this analyze, art can help us to improve the way we see things and how we can improve our intellectual standard of the quality. In the video, presenters use clear example to connect art to our capability of thinking. For example, one the speaker uses images communication, that mean by analyzing arts we can learn something from them, and every art is telling us something that only our analyze can decipher. The other speaker makes a connection between art and our environment, that mean we can develop our knowledge by analyzing art and use that experience to better see the real world.

In conclusion, art is very important to develop our capacity of thinking and analyzing, it can be useful in our daily life and environment.

2 thoughts on “Discussion question 1 (how art can help us analyze?)

  1. Gabriela Medina

    In the video “How art can help you analyze” presented by TED-Ed is a very educational video that strategically shows viewers the importance of analyzing art in various ways. Art holds infinite power the study of art can train viewers to see art in a very depicted and analytical way, which can also allow viewers to translate what the see through communicating. Art can expand a persons intellectual thought, and the equity of ones perception and interpretation of the art itself. These skills that art teaches us are very important and resourceful in our everyday lives, using articulating will strongly improve what is being shown.

  2. Paul Fess

    Saikou, Your post does a good job of highlighting important parts of the video. I’m wondering if you can think of specific examples of how art might help you in your profession.

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