The video “Why art matters (why look at art?)” by DR. STEVEN ZUCKER and DR. BETH HARRIS talk about The first speaker in the video said that art is very important for modern life because you can become a better person by observing the surrounding environment. The second speaker said that art not only exists in museums but also exists everywhere. Nearby buildings or parks or even everything around them. Art lives in each of our lives. The third speaker said to observe some details in depth There can be more discoveries that you didn’t find before. Then we can use these skills to help many things in life.

Art comes from life, life comes from nature. Nature is endless and life is in a variety of ways. Therefore, art is also colorful. Human self-awareness and aesthetic consciousness constitute the eternal theme of human art. The theme of works of art is an artist’s concept of subjectivity, so we cannot be limited to reflecting the central ideas expressed by objective objects. Even still life paintings are an expression of subjective consciousness. Cezanne can make a group of still lifes a living thing, and he can notice the existence of something alive. Therefore, still, life paintings are not lifeless to artists, the theme here is not still life, but only Cezanne’s aesthetic awareness of still life. Picasso composed a bicycle head and seat cushion into a bull-head sculpture, Duchamp took the urinal to the exhibition hall, and Rauschenberg held an art exhibition with daily necessities. What is the theme of this art? Is it the urinal itself that contains the central idea? No, it can only be the self-consciousness of the artist, that is, to realize the significance of anti-traditional art, to break the boundary between art and non-art, and to art Products to make new interpretations. This anti-traditional and innovative spirit is a major theme of modern art and the subjective consciousness of modern artists. We discovered the common understanding of art between the classical aesthetician Hegel and the modern artist Kandinsky. Hegel believes that works of art are the creation of the subject’s mind, and through the “infusing perfusion” of the mind, nature is incorporated into the mind, so art is not rough nature, but “idealized” or spiritual nature. Kandinsky pointed out: “Everything that arises internally and originates in the soul is beauty.” Art embodies life and nature everywhere.

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    Ri, the connections you draw in this post are rich, and I encourage you to continue thinking about them throughout the semester.

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