How art can help you analiyze

The main statement of this TED talk presented by Amy E. is that art can help to mold your perception of the world, and mind the small details to create a better mental image of what you are really seeing, further that can help you to analyze and describe situations of the real world.

Amy gives the example of the witness that was giving a spoken retrait, and make us realize how important is to know how to give a properly description or something, because art can help you mind every detail but also can help you to examine the absent things, for example when a doctor is giving a diagnostic and he makes a serie of questions to the patient so he can discard options and get to the illness that the patient has.

I think art is strongly connected to the outrospection, when you can imagine yourself thinking as the other person would think and figuring out what the other person wanted to express with their actions (one example can be that many people see graffitis as vandalism and first they should think what the person who did it wanted the viewers to infer), that is another important skill that art gives you. Because primarily art is a form of expression and people can unload their emotions through art, painting is a good therapy for mental health and could help you to dive deep inside your mind.

4 thoughts on “How art can help you analiyze

  1. Saikou Sounounou Bah

    I agree with this opinion, particularly when this student makes a connection between observing art and how it can be benefit in our real life. Valentina also mentions that art can helps us to discover the missing things.

  2. Lily Ingram

    I like this perspective, that studying traditional art can open your eyes to the art all around you, including graffiti. Being able to take a step back before making an initial judgement is a skill that would hopefully carry over to person to person interactions.

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