why art matters

We all live in art, even if we are not aware of. The  first video by Dr. Steven sucker and Dr. Beth Harris, clearly explains that we do not  have to go to museum to see an art . We can easily see it on streets, parks , building , movies,etc . Every art has a story to tell. It’s all about noticing.Art allows us to develop new ways to think and express  what might not be understood through the writing or speaking alone. Art can simply be a form of communication between people to focus on common issues for the betterment of society.Sometimes Art allows to visualize our past and see new opportunities that humanity can create in the future.

2 thoughts on “why art matters

  1. Ismail

    that’s right they first video showed us how we can’t separate art from our daily life . You really mention it when you pointed out the statement “we do not have to go to the Museum to see an art ” of Dr Beth Harris . It is really near by our environment that w live in and we are really surrendered with enough and different types of artists . In the street , subways , on cars which display ad Graphic , everywhere .And as you said it allows people to develop their thinking skills because art is not only made to view but it is something that we observe ,analyse and make up a story by describing what we are observing of Course with our own point of view

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