Why art matters

Why art matters? As the saying goes that picture speaks a thousand words. So does an art. It is scientifically proven that our brain process visual images faster than written information.  During the era of social media, it is full of visual images. We are Learning to read art in detail can make a difference in how better person one can be.  In the video, ” Why art matters” it tell us that art is of wide variety. It can be painting and sculpture to watching architectural beauties around cities, a bird in park or simply going for a movie. Many popular arts have the tendency to draw many viewers often. Every other visit gives them a deeper and broader meaning of the art. These attention and awareness skill gained will later have a positive impact in one’s life. Art has remained a very important components of our history by playing a powerful medium through which artist communicate ours and their ideas, feelings and convey their messages.  It has helped artist express their opinions visually through paintings, sculptures and musics. At times of political unrest, the art played a significant role in venting out discontentment and frustration of people with the oppressors. However, every people can have a different opinion on a particular piece of work. It doesn’t necessarily reflect the artist view. It can be totally different from what the artist had in his mind. I think this is the beauty of art. Every art can be particular to each individual.  An artwork’s effect can be nuanced by each viewer’s mental state and therefore can be interpreted differently.

3 thoughts on “Why art matters

  1. Mahmoud Bakr

    The article states that a picture provides a thousand words, and that you don’t need words or symbols to invoke a feeling within someone. We don’t need words to understand the meaning of an image. Similar to the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, social media today has evolved into a platform where a single image can automatically be translated into the same meaning by almost everyone. This medium is important, because over the course of history, art has been one of the sole forms of communication that humans have shared through every age, allowing our history to be recorded in a way other than words that may or may not be able to be translated. However, art is not always the same to everyone, and it can be interpreted differently by each person, which is part of the beauty of art, and why it has lasted for so long and dates so far back.

  2. Salma Hassan

    Art has always made an impact. From artworks we learn about ancient civilizations. Because it is evidence of the extent of creativity and development during these times. In the Pharaonic civilization in Egypt, we find the walls of temples decorated with drawings that tell about the glories of the ruling families during that time period. Also, the Babylonian civilization in Iraq and its great statues. In the nineteenth century in Europe, the painting appeared on the launch of the Mona Lisa. There is always a connection between history and art. Art is an integral part of people’s awareness and make them express their feelings and opinions.

  3. Paul Fess

    This discussion is a big one, and you all should think about it as ongoing. The connections between art, history, and politics are many and complicated.

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